Anatomy of The Mainland

Anatomy of the Mainland (2006) is a pictorial study of the developing socio-economic priorities of mainland Britain.

By separating different road networks, each of which have evolved at different periods of history, we are able to analyse the economic and social structures that exist within our Mainland. Ultimately this projects explores how once minor roads and tracks have been superseded by larger infrastructure as populations have gradually congregated to expanding urban areas. Created by scanning and hand tracing maps onto film, these 5 separations took 800 hours to complete. Re-exposed onto lightfilm and then contact printed onto silver gelatin paper, finished prints exhibit in extreme detail every road within Mainland Britain.

A series of 5 Silver Geletin prints on fibre based paper.
32'' x 42''
25 series editions.

With thanks to Ordnance Survey for sponsoring the project.