Field - Diesel: New Natures

I collaborated with Field as director of photography for their Diesel Digital Natures films for AW15 and SS16.

Filmed in North Wales and Gran Canaria we captured moving, timelapse and 360° footage. From these assets Field created their mesmerising series of films that expose and explore how we experience nature within a digitally appended world.

Produced by: FIELD
Commissioned by: Diesel S.p.A.
Creative Direction: Marcus Wendt
Executive Production: Vera-Maria Glahn
Production: Valtteri Laihanen (AW15), Maran Coates (SS16)
Director of Photography: James Medcraft
Effects Development: Tim Bacon (AW15) David Li (SS16)
Design + Animation
SS16: Olof Storm, Dan Hoopert, Ryan Dzierzek, Matteo Zamagni
AW15: Paul Brenner, Ryan Dzierzek, Yonni deHaar, Nicolas Nahornyj
Sound Design: Simon Pyke